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Steve Wilkison - French Carte Fidélités

French “Carte Fidélités”

June 20th, 2013

In Nashville most of the grocery stores have little store “cards.” They are the size of a credit card, though everyone also has smaller versions which you can add to your keychain. They’re free and when you check out, if you give them your card to scan, you qualify for any discounts or sales that may be happening. Without the card, you don’t get the sale price or discount on anything. Turns out that France is no different. I noticed the other day, while shopping for groceries at the local Monoprix, that several items I was purchasing were on sale, but only if you had the “carte fidélité.” Well, OK, guess I better get one.

I wasn’t sure how it worked, if they’d even give me a card or not, but it was very simple and easy. I explained to the checkout woman, in my limited French, that I’d like to get one of the cards. She pulled out a form, I filled it out and presto she gave me the card. I used the French address where I’m staying this summer, my French iPhone number and my normal email address and everything was good.

At that point I decided I might as well go ahead and get cards for the other stores I shop at regularly. The young girl at E.Leclerc wasn’t very friendly and she wanted to see some ID, but the process was basically the same, fill out the form, though they also required a 4 digit PIN code. From there I headed over to the Casino grocery store and once again, filled out the form and was all set.

I think several of the cards, especially the Monoprix and Casino cards have other benefits, but I haven’t taken the time to look through and translate the literature that came with them to figure it all out.

All in all, very simple, very easy. If you’re going to be staying in France for any length of time it only makes sense to get these “carte fidélités” and take advantage of promotions and sales.

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