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Walt, Steve, Susan and Ernie Wilkison 1960

Father’s Day 1960

November 27th, 2014

This is a polaroid photo taken on June 19, 1960, Father’s Day. I know because it’s written on the back in what looks like my Dad’s handwriting. It was taken in our backyard at the time, 1333 West Jackman Street, in Lancaster, CA. I would have been about four and a half years old. Also in the photo are my Dad, my Grandpa Wilkison (my Dad’s dad) and my little sister, Susan, who would have just turned three. The original photo is not in very good shape, I’ve done a fair amount of work in Photoshop to restore it as best I can. The highlights are very blown out and there is damage to the finish. There’s still a lot of damage in the grass, wall, etc., but I’ve fixed most of it in the actual people.

My Grandpa Wilkison died just a few years later and my sister and I moved (along with our Mom) from Lancaster to Ohio about four years later.

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