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Steve Wilkison - Bike Cleaning

Bike Cleaning

June 11th, 2010

One of the things that is absolutely imperative before a cycling trip to France is giving my bike a very thorough cleaning. Today I broke it all down and did just that. Generally, I’ll remove the rear cassette (the rear gears) and the crankset (the front gears) along with both wheels. I give the frame a good cleaning, clean the chain and the wheels and then really scrub all the gears well before reassembling everything. This time I also put on new tubes, new tires, a new chain and new … [more]

Steve Wilkison - Eze & La Turbie

Eze & La Turbie

June 20th, 2009

Our first day of cycling in France (on this trip). We’ve just put two full days of travel behind us (plane rides from Nashville to Charlotte, NC and then on to Paris and a long car drive from Paris to Nice) and we’re more than ready to get on the bikes. This is the fifth cycling trip I’ve made to France and I have a little tradition of heading up to Eze and then on to La Turbie as a kind of warm up day. It’s a great little ride, … [more]

Clarksville CRAM 100

The Clarksville 100 (CRAM)

May 25th, 2009

Last Saturday (May 23rd) I rode the Clarksville Rotary Annual Metric (known as the CRAM) in Clarksville, TN. Clarksville is about 45 miles north of Nashville, very close to the Kentucky border. I finished the 100 mile route with a ride time of 4:31 minutes. That’s a pace of 22.2 miles an hour, a record for me on a century. I rode mostly with a group that Les Wooldridge had organized of about 10 core riders, though that group went up and down in size as the day progressed. The Clarksville ride … [more]